Sony NEX camera Grip

 PalmGrip for
Sony NEX-6 NEX-7 Cameras
SOLD OUT, and out of production,
 until the PalmGrip for SONY a7 and a7R is produced.
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accessory grip for the Sony NEX cameras

  • made of one piece anodized aluminum
  • Battery/SD card door opens without removal of PalmGrip
  • Arca Swiss compatible dovetail for clamp head tripod
  • 1/4-20 threaded tripod socket
  • Full downward LCD tilt clearance
  • Self-Retaining sockethead screw with included HexKey
  • NEW! Machined for accessory L-plate vertical dovetail

The PalmGrip is black satin anodized, one piece machined aluminum grip weighing 80 grams, bringing the camera/grip combination to a total of 435 grams, or about the same weight and height of the Fuji X-Pro1.

The Sony NEX6 and NEX7 camera has many menus, dials and buttons, mostly controlled by the right hand. The short height of the camera can cause a problem when holding it, as changing one's grip is needed in order to position the thumb and index finger to operate the controls. While looking through the EVF, this re-positioning can require pulling the camera away from the eye in order to see and operate the controls and put additional demands on the left hand to secure the camera.

The PalmGrip can maximize control of the camera functions by positioning the camera high in the right hand, where the thumb and index fingers operate the controls, and the middle and 4th ring finger hold the camera grip securely against the palm.

The PalmGrip will allow access to the battery/SD door, without the need to unscrew the grip. It uses an Arca Swiss compatible dovetail and 1/4-20 threaded hole when a dovetail clamp is not available.

A cutout provides full downward tilt of the LCD and there is an audio passthru port in the base.

The front edge of the PalmGrip dovetail is on the plane of the mount face, in order to have clearance for various lens adapters.

The PalmGrip is machined for an accessory L-plate vertical dovetail. The L-plate is now available.

L-plate cutout allows connector doors to open for access.

With the PalmGrip, the thumb tip is more easily positioned on the AF/MF button and can move to the L & R control dials, menu and control wheel.  Additional control possibilities include the thumb 1st joint controling the wheel/softkey-C.

The new PalmGrip for NEX-6 camera is now available at the same price.

Purchasing the PalmGrip and L-plate

PalmGrip alone
: $99US, 
In stock.

PalmGrip and L-plate on one order: $139US.

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International First Class shipping, add $11.

L-plate alone: $45US, 
In stock.
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